Humble Happy Evenings

This post legit goes to my favorite place these days 🙂

You see after a really tied up exhausting day, nothing beats the coziness of my room! But at times, the idea of music, coffee and smiles too wraps up your tiring day. I have found one such place where in winding up your day becomes real soothing.

I have been living in Jaipur for a good 8 years now! And I have seen the city unfolding and blossoming. To begin with I’m amazed with the pace we have cafe’s/lounges and places to hang around.

Cut to the maint gist of writing after such a long time now is I really want to talk about food places out here in the city. Tucked in the city buzz one such happy place I have been hooked to is Nibs. Also, they have live music nights every now and then which refreshes the mood, mind and soul.

Very humble, kind and polite staff!

I’m not blown away with their food or beverages though but they are alright to go about because the “vatavaran” of the place is real warm 🙂 Yet I don’t have good pictures of the place, but I do have some scrumptious food pictures 🙂

Also, I have been to C-Scheme and Malviya Nagar, both the outlets but i somewhere find Malviya Nagar one more warm and welcoming.

Oh! Doh! Well, I cannot forget to mention their CHOCOLATE SHOTS. Well, if you visiting the city and you really want to just curl up in a nook from where you can gaze the city lights, this would be your place then 🙂

To conclude, I will be writing more about places and outlets, suggest me if i should follow a format?


Taken For Granted.

Taken For Granted.

The uncertainty of life…
We only realise when we are pulled out from our bubble by reality. A bubble which we have created around ourselves thinking we will stay safe and nothing can harm us. Such dramatic fools we are, we are known to every harsh and crude reality yet we follow a cycle. A cycle where we make an imaginary bubble stay cosy and happy with people we love, things we possess and wait until reality hits us, again!
Is the pain and drama all worth?
We know the cycle of birth and death, then why do we make connections and build relationships when life is so uncertain.
You have zero clue to what happens next, we literally don’t know what future holds up next. The vicious part is we are all aware of the uncertainties yet we act blind to it. We know the drill of the human life cycle, we all will die one day. But what do we do meanwhile with the relationships and the other lives we touch and affect.
Losing a dear one is not a feeling that words could define or justify, a part of you just stops behaving or functioning the way it used to. The harsh reality we are taught and made to practice is, we go on. Go on living our life!
No textbook or degree teaches you that but life does! No other human will come and guide you on how you will lead your life, but you must make it work. And why is that so?
Because life!

You don’t quit living!
I fine human once told me, we all are sent on earth with zero luggage but an empty mind that we fill up with our experiences and memories, that’s what goes back with us! My above rant is a frustration on how sudden and uncertain is someone’s life, but that, unfortunately, is a weird bitter way of life teaching us a lesson.
No, we don’t stop living, we don’t stop loving. We should not, we should love beyond conditions, care without expectations. Because my friend, you and I have gotten only one chance to live and make the best of the time we have!

Living again.
It is never easy to get back on track, never.
We all have lost something or someone which has caused us deep pain and grief. But trust me, you gotta trust Him. Trust His intentions for you, he has decided things and we gotta go along with it. The essence of living lies in your attitude, your attitude towards the people around you, your attitude towards yourself.
I remember speaking to that person last on call, I was hesitant we people these days seldom talk to our relatives. But I faintly remember the conversation and I’m glad I spoke to her. So, I never thought that will be my last conversation with her. I was looking forward to meeting her, but life!
I lost someone today. We all are losing people.
In between all the process let your heart feel all the warmth and love, and give all love you can, because, in the end, all we are going to take back is the essence of our lives.


International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

To all the superheroes in this male predominant society!

Wishing you a very usual day with just a couple of discounts and offers.

Well, if you are thinking to give coupon or vouchers or toffees to me in order to observe this amaze day.  Then, I would suggest to just not do it.

Honesty I feel so bad, you giving me a free bus ride? Well, how about giving me safety?

I was speaking to a friend and discussing on what I should wear tomorrow, well. Why?

It’s women’s day, we have to wear pink or red! if you asked why? Well, these colors are supposed to be womanly colors. Period. No discussions.

So, while I was engrossed in explaining the sweet and very thoughtful agenda my office has structured out. I went on sharing how couple of years back I had ranted my heart out here! Yeah, free bus rides for women,a thing in Rajasthan. Yes, I know it sounds wow.

My friend said “Wow! at least, that’s a step forward”.

I was like, what step?

This step is in what direction?

Like free seats just in case you feel bad about standing and traveling in a bus where men are ogling eyes on you, regardless of the fact that you are dressed or naked.

And then it was not a debate but a question that I find myself lost into. Seriously do you have any clue, when will a time come when we will be able to just be living. Like humans, not male or female but humans, respected and presence observed. I don’t want to fight or call protests about. It’s all in head.

And not just men, it’s about human to human.

I have an impatient head with questions! There is so much to say and I have no flow, like I don’t know what to talk about first and what all to say.

But beyond any message or any pleas, male or female. Human don’t let your conscience die.

Woman you got powers, the power to love and mold! Change everything around you and yes, only you can do it!

Cherish what you have, let go of pains and hardships. Love and world shall be a better place!

Until then,

Love and Peace!


Words & Voices @ Cafe City Monk

Words & Voices @ Cafe City Monk

Hello there!

So I was fortunate enough to attend this amazing poetry recital event, hosted by Lutalica at Cafe City Monks.

Warm smiles, the room was filled with enthusiasm and some real intense faces. The place resonated of unsung songs, whispers, broken promises and untold tales.

Words & Voices

Words & Voices

Quick thing about the venue, I loved how the place was subtly designed with vivid orange and intense black hues.

The pretty host of the evening was chirpy and kept the evening a light and presentable affair. She was one of the participants as well, this woman is beautiful and surely knows how to put right words forward.

Host of the evening!
The host of the evening!

We had some outstanding people coming forward talking and reciting some amazing pieces from love to unemployment. No stone was left untouched 🙂

Audience at muse!
The audience at muse!

Though love prevails, we had some beautiful recitals from participants, but there were some strong notions recited as well. My favorite ones were this beautiful woman walks up on the stage to talk and while she does that she combats her fears and tries to be her true self.

There were some amazing stand-up comedians in the house and some beautiful stories were recited.

Aakash Mehta, the last performer who cracked up the audience, to the point humor and nothing overdone.

Aakash Mehta
Aakash Mehta

Stage indeed is a platform where you come out from your fears, caring nothing and thinking juts about the right things that you should.

The Daring One!
The Daring One!

The event was in all a great opening to the Words & Voices edition and I’m eager to be a part of more of its editions.

Until then,

Love & Peace!

**Picture Courtesy – Aditya Taneja


Hello! Hello!!
Well writing after a super long time!

At least I come back Errr.

Okay, quick round up of a series of events happened since the last umm. May? Oh Dammit! It’s been real long. Okay.

So, employment took over in August and I was a laid back lazy ass, I came back to my hometown and chilled like for two months straight like a boss!

I visited places, stayed home, talked to family members, like genuine talking and some fighting of course.

I visited Mumbai, Pune, Lonavla, Delhi, Bundi, Chittor and Kota like I was on hardcore travel days for 10-12 days, though the intention of visiting these places was, well, a little different.

Lessons were learned. Decisions were made.

Learning should be a constant process, that’s what matters at the end of the day! And well yeah, so when today I’m writing, I’m a wiser person than yesterday.

Coming back to the current situation, I’m in Ahmedabad! Yes, life is a roller coaster ride!

After 7 long years in Jaipur, it time to unfold Gujrat!

Stay tuned to this place, a lot from Ahmedabad will be here, I’m in process of meeting new people and making new friends so while I’m on it, I’ll write, often 🙂

Love & Peace




Mighty Udaipur

Mighty Udaipur

Ruffling water waves, opulent palaces, steep narrow lanes, bright and silvery markets that’s what Udaipur is all about.

Well, I visited the place in not so right suggested frame of time, but it was a randomly picked place. A couple of friends wanted to meet, chill, relax, chit-chat and sleep!
The intention was eat-sleep-talk!
Research started, hotels and resorts were shortlisted, budgeting was done and then finally bookings were done 10-15 days prior!
We had some good minds doing that, no, no agents but just smart friends 🙂
So sharing a couple beautiful pictures which my very talented friend clicked and some of them were my work 🙂
Also sharing a bit wee of information on hotels, food, places to dine, what and where to shop! Let’s get started 🙂
Hotels and Resort
I was dead when we checked in, very sleepy and hungry at the same time. So this hotel was a very soberly designed place, tossed in some narrow lanes of Udaipur city, the good part was it was next to Gangaur Ghat, means a scenic view.
We ate lunch and waited for the rest of the junta to join in.
Hotel Tiger
Views @ Hotel Tiger

Tiger Hotel

Near Gangaur Ghat

AC Rooms

Free Wi-Fi

Nearby Market Area
So every building in Udaipur is nothing less than 5-6 storeys because you don’t have space to flourish on land hence you top floors on floors!
Because they have to offer a good roof top view so all the hotels and restaurants have a beautiful lake view so yes, cardio part is taken care of!
So the hotel we checked in the first day, offered all at very cheap price, we were here because we planned on covering the market and city area on the first day.
 We started with a lazy walk towards the ghat, sat there with people around chirping, chit-chatting, clicking pictures and local kids jumping into the lake and swimming.
Lake-sides post sunset is best, they just offer such serene bliss!
There are some really interesting wall art across the market.
There is some really interesting wall art across the market.
From the ghat we sauntered towards the market, the usual Rajasthani stuff the jutis, the leheriya stoles, oxidized silver jewelry, but then different city offers a different fad, I would say.
We did not shop much but and later in the evening we all settled for a nearby restaurant with a blissful lakeside view! We dined in two restaurants and would suggest both the places for a try 🙂
Day 1 – Hari Gargh Restaurant
If you are looking for quiet dinner by lake-side, and if you are staying nearby the market area, well, stop by at this place!
Day 2 – Ambrai Restaurant
Well, the place is quite popular and usually filled, it offers an exclusive view 🙂
For next two days we zoned out ourselves to a comfortable nest, Shree Villas resort is tucked away from the city’s hustle. Though reaching to the resort is a tricky affair! Tent rooms with a lush garden in front and a swimming pool is all that we wanted!
Quiet. Green. Comfortable
Rooms were decent, the food was okay just the location of the resort is a pain point!
We spent the evenings in the pool and sang old jingles till the dawn broke.
The best moments were spent lying on the grass and looking up at the bright sparkling sky, and sitting by the lakeside with your bestie on your side!
What else do you wish for?
Concluding the post and summing up a fair outline of the city!
What to expect in the market?
Rajasthani Clothing
Pretty Jutis
Leather Bags & Wallets
Oxidized Silver Jewelry
Leather Diaries
What to Eat?
Rajasthani food (You’ll get the typical Rajasthani cuisine; vegetarian & non-vegetarian)
Dinner by the lake at Ambrai Restaurant
Where to stay?
I have listed the places we stayed, they suffice both kinds of hotel, a budget hotel as well as a comfy resort.

Shree Villas

 Udaipur was beautiful! Yes, we did not intend on exploring the city because the agenda was to laze around. But a trip yet again to the pretty place is definitely on the list!
For now signing off! Hope to be back with more new place 🙂
Until then,
Love & Peace!

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak

Eid Mubarak you all!

People who celebrated yesterday, today or whenever!
No, not because of time differences but because of mind differences.

Festivities brings joy and happiness and brings people together. But no, we are humans we do not believe in that, we believe in showing people that we are happy, we believe in mocking people proving them wrong and then show that we are happy.
We believe in bringing religion and God in between us fight about it and then let know people that we are happy.
We, we call ourselves human, we kill, abuse, disrespect and make fun of them because that brings us happiness.

Muslims complete a holy month of Ramadan, where they keep themself away from temptations and devotes himself in praying to Allah in the holy month.
Post this holy month comes Eid-ul-Fitr, which depends on the sighting of moon.
If there has been moon sighting in any city, neighbouring or far, generally that is considered and Eid is declared.
I have witnessed since my childhood there was always confusion about it. This time it irked me up, may be this time I wasn’t that mature to let this thought go.

Half of Muslims observed Eid yesterday and half of them today. Why? Oh! Is it because we have different Allah?

After witnessing a holy month, what do we achieve?

Nothing! Zero!
We cannot even observe a happy festival together, I get chills thinking of bad times.
My Prophet never taught this, he preached unity, brotherhood, he taught us to be together.

Many of you must be amazed that why am I ranting about such a topic? Oh! Because I don’t even see religions practicing festivities together! This puts me in dilemma that what have we learnt, what are we showing the world?
When some animals on the name of our religion are doing massacres, killing people around, how are we going to protect humanity? How are we going to protect and carry forward the teachings of our Prophet?

What is happening to the world, why are we turning inhuman. It’s just not about celebrating Eid on different days, celebrate it all the year, but together, hold hands pray together, observe festivities together.

And yes while writing this, I have lot of anger but I do have a faith, feeble but a spark that one day we will stand all together. Why?
Because somewhere if I feel this you too might feel it, and that would be it. The warmth should stay, the spark should be there. I fail to understand how but yet I’m sure that preaching of my Prophet ain’t that weak.

Different religions different places, different races, different creed but we will stand together.

Because who created me, created you!

Eid Mubarak
Love & Peace.